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Philosophy, wisdom and insight for leading, managing and coaching in life and the game.

Rob Ryles - Leader, Manager, Coach



Hi my name is Rob Ryles


I have been obsessed by the beautiful game for as long as I can remember. I have been one of those lucky people who has been able to merge his passion and profession with a working life in the game. I have been blessed with a career in football at many levels and capacities from International through Premiership, League, non league and grassroots. The journey has taken me through most continents of the world, with rich and poor, the great and the good, elite and humble, with tears and smiles, defeat and victory , disappointment and elation and given me an experience I couldn’t have dreamed of.


In this website the aim is to bring you masses of great content around leadership, management and coaching. Come and sit with me for a moment to where the obsession began. We sit as youngsters on my Grandmother’s settee in her council flat with the mugs of steaming tea she’d bring and the curtains drawn so we could see the television screen. It’s FA Cup final day 1974 and we are mesmerised by a tiny man sitting on a bench pitch side, wearing a pink shirt with a red handkerchief in his pocket orchestrating the great Liverpool side of the seventies.


The man was Bill Shankly. My obsession with football management and coaching was born. Like many others I have held this man as an icon and he has been one of the guiding lights.


This website is where we will be sharing insights, wisdom, philosophy, tactics and leadership ideas around the whole area of management and coaching to help you in your own journey and career no matter where that may currently be.


As time has gone on the realisation has dawned that the principles of success are universal. So if you are passionate about leading, managing and coaching in the game, a different sport or another area of life, take a deep dive in, fill your boots and let me know your opinion. I would love to hear it.



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Crewe Alexandra 

Chester City 

Gainsborough Trinity

Staffordshire University

Alsager Town

Manchester Metropolitan University

 Stoke City 

Newcastle Town

Keele University


Leader  .  Manager  .  Coach

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