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Thank you!

From the Amy Foundation

Good afternoon,

Thank you for your support and helping us raise R73 165,44 towards the Cape Town Cycle Tour through BackaBuddy. It means a lot to us and ensures we can keep children off the streets and develop and educate them to become emotionally well rounded contributing citizens.

Your donation helps to sponsor youth to attend after-school classes every day in a discipline of their choice, a daily meal, materials, equipment, transport and going on outings and school holiday camps through the year. We have managed to keep costs under good control so you can be assured your contribution is going where it should.

The situation in the townships of South Africa is still dire, over 50% of children who start grade 1 do not write grade 12 exams, the high rate of teenage pregnancy, gangs, violence, drug abuse and children arrested and charged by police, makes the need for our work so important. The success of our work with the youth is exciting and the difference we are making in these children’s lives is so badly needed. We cannot do this without the support of compassionate visionaries like you.

We have grown the number of classes and activities in the past few years and have included more classes in brass, violin, guitar, recorders, choir, marimba, dance, drama, greening & environmental, literacy, sport, and computers, literacy, HIV Aids and substance abuse prevention & peer education, school holiday programmes, camps,youth skills development and vocational training.

The children in our programmes are developing well and your support is greatly appreciated and much needed. The number of children that we can reach is directly proportionate to the amount of funding that we are able to raise and your support will enable us to continue and grow our vision of providing a brighter future with greater opportunities for children from disadvantaged communities. Thanks so much. 


Together changing lives!

Chanel Burke

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Rob Ryles | Giving - Africa
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