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Leader Manager Coach Podcast

Updated: Jun 4, 2018

In an exciting weekly programme, we're going to bringing you relevant information, inspiration, knowledge, wisdom and absolutely tons of great content, all about the subject of leading, managing and coaching. This will specifically be aimed at football, whether that's the beautiful game at grassroots, League, Premiership or international level.

So, what's behind it? Well, as I've said my name is Rob Ryles. I've been one of those fortunate people who've been able, to merge profession and passion. I've been able to work in professional football and one of the things I've been passionate about is the leadership skills of the people who managed to bring out the great traits in teams and individuals: the great managers, the great leaders, the great coaches. In the next few episodes we're going to be talking about the many aspect of leading, managing and coaching.

Although it is very, very relevant to the world of football or the beautiful game Leader Manger Coach also has connotations for other sports, for leadership, management and for coaching in other areas of life. I hope you're going to really enjoy this. I hope you're going to come on a journey with me. This isn't me talking about what I've done and think I've got all the answers. This is me engaging in a process of sharing the information, the knowledge, the inspirations, the things I've read and some of the things I've managed to glean from some of the great people I've worked with. We will be doing a deep dive into the subject in a way that I believe hasn’t been done up to now. It something I’d like to use as a platform to share, because it's something I'm very passionate about.

I hope that you're going to find something that's going to float your boat or light your fire in the coming episodes.

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Rob Ryles

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