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Recommended Reading

The following are but a few of the books that have impacted me. I have included a sentence or two about them in case you wish to check them out. This is certainly not a definitive list and I hope to add to it as time goes on.




Mastery. George Leonard

Small, powerful and life changing. Read it!!!!


The Four Agreements. Don Miguel Ruiz

Small, powerful and life changing. Read it!!!!


H Is For Hawk. Helen Macdonald

A beautiful book about overcoming grief.


Deep Work. Cal Newport

An absolute necessity to survive the twenty first century.


Red or Dead. David Peace

If you get this you get it. Brilliant and unique.


Marcus Aurelius Meditations

A philosphy and way of life in words. True thought and wisdom.


Pep Confidential. Marti Perarnau

Revealing and insightful.


The Daily Stoic. Ryan Holiday

Blocks of power every day.


The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success. Deepak Chopra

The author is a thought leader and this is gold.


The Way of The Peaceful Warrior. Dan Millman

Strength in a story to hold you to your path.


Winning. Clive Woodward

Detail, detail and detail abut how to succeed in elite sport.


The Management. Michael Grant and Rob Robertson

Gritty and packed with real men of the sport.


Acres of Diamond. Russell H. Conwell

A timeless classic. Read it!


The Kingship of Self Control. William George Jordan

A timeless classic. Read it!


As A Man Thinketh. James Allen

A timeless classic. Read it!

A Calendar of Wisdom. Leo Tolstoy

A book to be cherished providing delight and awe.


The Hero With A Thousand Faces. Joseph Campbell

The story of every story and your life.


Ego Is The Enemy. Ryan Holiday

Understand what lies between you and lasting success.

The Captain Class.  Sam Walker

A revealing insight into what is really behind the world's elite teams.


Soccer Brain. Dan Abrahams

The secret ingredients that needs to underpin a coach's tactical know how.


Beyond Winning.  Gary M. Walton

Timeless wisdom from The Great Philosopher Coaches.

A powerful read that will resonate deeply if you are on the journey.

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