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One thing you can’t deny is that in the twenty first century coaching in all its forms has grown and developed as a profession.


The world of football has seen a parallel development of coaching in terms of numbers, qualifications, information and professionalism.


A great coach is now recognised as invaluable in any sphere irrelevant of it being voluntary, highly remunerated, part time or full time.


The development of the coach has seen the manifestation of recognised pathways of progress from beginner to elite. Football is no different and has seen an explosion in the number of coaches, qualifications and available information.


My own pathway has been a journey of over three decades through grassroots, non league and professional level, from the old ‘F.A. Prelim. badge’ which I proudly attained at the age of eighteen through to being an English F.A .A.Licence holder. There are now thousands of qualified coaches at all levels contributing in their own way to their vision of team and player development. It is to be applauded and this website is a resource I am determined will be an invaluable, unique and high quality resource to further this end.


I hope we can take a deep dive into the many aspect of coaching; the technical, the tactical, the physical, the psychological and the social. I hope we can uncover, reveal, explore, discuss, expand, develop and progress.


Great coaches are people of integrity and focussed on others. They are often those who can see beyond the obvious, they are patient and thoughtful, insightful and willing to sacrifice. They are learners and leaders and sometimes great managers as well. Those of us in the game recognise those who are coaches those who are managers, the managers that coach and the coaches that manage.


Whatever your calling, again come with us and enjoy the learning and growth I hope you are able to experience.

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